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I'm 47, 6'1" and have a partner. One of those romances of knowing each other for years as friends then him giving me a ring. I enjoy cooking some, camping, photography, the Arts...museums, live performances (anything from a jam in the park to opera)...I'm in the process of losing weight but I'll always be a bear!

Well I haven't created anything but I think it'd be fun to do SOMETHING! I love to watch cartoons, sitcoms, sci fi (most all but realistic horror; I love classic horror and time travel. I also enjoy Star Trek (most but DS9), Star Wars, Lexx, etc. Game shows are even fun! Now can you imagine a bunch of bears on a game show??? :D

I want to do something for the bear and leather communities. for now my partner is in IL and I'm in TN. What I would love to do is volunteer for the local theater and gay community in some fashion,


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