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We are a small group of local Atlanta filmmakers and artists with really good ideas and great minds and talent coming to make fantastic entertainment through cinema and music. All the while, we support and try to feature the greatest Atlanta has to offer whether it be through the awesome music of local artists or the diversified scenery this great city has to offer.

We have some bitchin' ideas but no real resources or technological know-how. With the way the pieces of our lives fit together and how we are always taking twists and turns encountering different people on our paths, we were extremely fortunate to encounter, on our path to film making, Via Optima and Poet Zero. Honestly, those are just a bunch of fancy sounding names for a consortium of intelligent, creative, talented and determined Atlanta filmmakers trying to make some damn good movies.


  1. gOnZoRiFFiC
  2. Poet Zero
  3. David Torcivia
  4. PoetZero

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