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Founded by choreographer Hanna Kiel, HBE strives to be a force of positivity and inspiration, fusing dance genres and using classical technique with non-traditional styles to showcase movement that is extremely physical and completely free. HBE seeks to tell stories and explore narratives that pulse from the very heart of human feeling; that are touching, arousing, disturbing, exciting and everything in between. HBE dancers embody the raw and chaotic force of human emotions to impact audiences on a visceral level. Our desire is to present technically strong and accessible choreography with high production values, inspiring audiences to become more engaged with dance.

Drawing on the ever-evolving distinctive personal dance style that Kiel has developed over more than two decades as a dance professional, HBE invests in breaking the mold of traditional dance aesthetics to create hybrid forms and cultivate artistic individuality. Staging visually and emotionally compelling stories to evoke instinctive sensations, we present our choreographies in both intimate and large scale venues, to observe the effects on our movement and on our audiences.

Every HBE project is a challenge to explore something new and fresh – be it physical, emotional or thematic.