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I am an Aussie Shepherd. I was born on a horse ranch near Bellevue, Idaho. I was saved from a life of boredom with a very nice elderly school teacher lady by Dave Prall. You see, I was the so called "runt" of my litter and the last puppy left for adoption. I was promised to this school teacher when Dave found my rancher lady and convinced her to start a bidding war for me! Wow! Did I ever feel special! I overheard Dave tell his daughter that he was going to win this war, no matter what it cost! That was three years ago now. Long story short- Dave and I are best friends and well, we are family.... It's hard to stay humble when I hear Dave tell everyone that I'm the best dog he's ever had. We watch each other's backs. We go running, mountain biking, and backcountry skiing together (I retrieve his gear when he crashes). We also visit kids in school and talk about safety. Sometimes we go to hospitals and visit children who are very sick.... This is sad, but I'm glad I can make them smile and I love all the hugs they give me. Together, Dave and I are starting a new company called "Dynamic Air Imaging". I am the supervisor of flight operations as well as the director of photography. I also have to keep Dave focused, which is a very difficult full-time job. Well, that's about it for now. Stay tuned for more from us.


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