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  1. denial of service

    denial of service Plus your amygdala


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    audio / visual engineer & producer for hire

  2. Paulo Wang

    Paulo Wang Plus Vienna, Austria


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    Motion, UI and Graphic Designer based in Vienna, Austria. // Cinema 4D // Realflow // After Effects // Photoshop // Illustrator // InDesign // Premiere Pro // Mail: ezra1311[at]gmail.com

  3. Mitch Myers

    Mitch Myers St. Louis, Missouri


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    Hello All, My name is Mitch Myers (real name, Anthony Myers), but friends call me Mitch :) . I am 24 years old and am a motion designer for the St. Louis Rams. I work in the fields of Motion Graphics, 3d Animation, and Promotional Design & Animation. I am a very extroverted person so I love to talk…

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