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“I'm a vegetarian that watches NASCAR, a tree-hugger that keeps a gun under the car seat." So goes the introspection of Grant Peeples.

This finger-in-your-eye styled songwriter, seventh generation Floridian and former ex-patriot, began his improbable touring career (“from Hells Angels biker bars to Unitarian Churches”) on his 50th birthday. “It’s never too late to change your major,” he says.

His latest release, Prior Convictions, produced by the legendary Gurf Morlix, has topped Roots/Americana charts both at home and abroad. John Conquest, of Third Coast Music Magazine says “Grant Peeples is the only songwriter I have ever called ‘ruthless.’
His mother finds his songs… “disturbing…”

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  1. Judy Harris commented on N***er Lover
    This is Grant Peeples at his gritty, most honest best, an excellent video with a poignant, truthful message. Polite society shies away from the "N" word publicly and is quick to condemn a title like this without listening, yet many of those same…