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I am an Italian journalist, who got her professional accreditation by working in a political magazine for women, "noidonne", where I worked for 9 years during the Nienties, after a long experience in a cultural tourism company belonging to my family, Archaeology Travel Service. I then worked for 12 years at AIDOS, the Italian Association for Women in Development, an NGO focusing on women's rights and wellbeing. Between 2004 and 2012 I co-owned a communication company called Act! which, among other things, published the online monthly magazine In 2013 the crisis pushed me to look for other life paths: I co-founded Per, a cultural association devoted to promoting free circulation of documentary art works as a means for social mobilization and lifelong learning exploiting all the potential of the web 2.0. In 2014 I resumed journalistic work with, an online magazine dedicated to cultures in the Mediterranean. I also consult with Grandmother Project, a small but very innovative American-Senegalese NGO who implements creative inter-generational community approaches to improve the condition of women, girls and children through the active involvement of grandmothers.


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