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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Pictures say more than 1000 words.

Photography is my passion, and especially the relationship between people and there environment. Why? Because I'm curious about people and their stories, their passions, ambitions and dreams, the society in which they life. The environment in which they live and work is an important part. It's not just a push on a button, it is the interaction between the client and the photographer making the image. It is precisely this interaction fascinates me and that is reflected in my picture.

My name is Jacqueline van den Heuvel, specialized photographer. Specialist in capturing the men/women in the company that is behind its product, but also the men/women in society. My images tell the story of you, your company and your product or service. The images I create are used in annual reports, newsletters, social media, websites, brochures and where you want to highlight your company.
What story do you want to tell?

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