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Born in Pittsburgh, Lucas Sabean grew up in Germany before moving back to the USA in 1983. He started making films at Cornell University in 1994 and has completed over 40 films since. After graduation, he moved to Kyoto, Japan for 3 years to teach English and learn about Japanese culture. Returning from Asia, he intensively followed his passion for filmmaking by studying under Ray Carney at Boston University. Upon receiving his MFA, he moved to New York City to work as a professional video editor while aggressively maintaining his experimental work on the side. His short film "Relievio" (1999) (a BU group project) played at top festivals around the country and "End of Era" (2002) was included on both the Underground Zero exhibition circuit (and DVD), and later selected for a Repérages DVD. His ambition grew in both the experimental and documentary fields. In the last five years, his highlights include a 6-part-cycle based on JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerti ("The Great Search") and 3 feature documentaries. In 2007, Lucas moved to South Philadelphia where he completed his most ambitious project to date ("The Last Stand", 2008 winner Best feature by a local filmmaker at the Backseat Film Festival). His future endeavors aim at the confluence of his experimental and documentary work.


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