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Philadelphia, Pa

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Freelance Cinematographer with strong background in fine arts and photography. Specializing in underwater video, advanced scuba certified. I have worked with EX-1, EX-3, HPX-250, and 5D Mk. II, Canon 7D, Canon XF-100

I currently have a Canon 7D and a large variety of L lenses and super fast primes with pro audio setup available and Cinevate rig with matte box. For my videography events, I also have a Canon XF-100 with pro audio setup available. Other equipment include pro lighting from 1KW to 100 watt, 12 foot crane, large green and blue screen, portable documentary or interview backgrounds. For the extreme shots I also currently have 1 GoPro and 1 GoPro2 with all the possible accessories available. I also like to use my Canon HF-S10 for small compact video shots and for my underwater video. Numerous more gear and equipment available.

Rates available with equipment or without, will travel.


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