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I'm almost 24. My birthday is March 10th. I am a graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA. I love to go on roadtrips with my friends Cakes and Pies. I have 6 tattoos. I have dark brown hair and I love butterflies, pit bull terriers, and fairies. I also have a 750 dvd collection that I take alot of pride in. I love Shia LaBeouf and I have every movie he has been in. I can't wait for Transformers 2. I also collect TY beanies. I have been collecting them since I was 9 years old. I have over 300 now. I keep them in ziplock baggies in storage totes in my closet. I collect framed real butterflies. My favorite ones I have are my luna moths, my sunset moth, my zebra swallowtail, my monarch, and my big blue morpho. I have a tattoo of a blue morpho on my upper right shoulder blade. I love the spring time the most. I love to paint and scrapbook in my spare time. Besides that, I love my laptop.

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