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Ryan has been involved in the industry of film production for the last 10 years. Starting off in an educational film project with GMAC,
then becoming an independent film maker in many positions such as screenwriter; producer; director; editor; location manager and has also trained professionally as an actor in recent years. In this time he has 3 feature films and a variety of short films under his belt, including the recent award winning Choices, which he wrote, directed and starred in.

Most recently Ryan has worked on a feature film with a multi-award winning cast including Golden globe winner Janet McTeer and Natalie Press; as well as hosting GMAC’s short film showcase event Café Flicker on a regular basis.

Ryan is currently developing a romantic comedy titled Journey Bound, in an attempt to revitalise and reinject the theme of optimism into the Scottish Film Industry. Ryan is also preparing to direct a psychological feature film Mental Awareness in the new year with his production company Magic Works Entertainment.

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