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After a number of years working for BBC Manchester and subsequently London and Athens doing freelance illustration, I returned to my Devon roots in 2005 and focused all my energies upon creating a series of animated short films using neglected aspects of English mythology as source material.

So far there have been four 'Penny dreadful' animations: 'THE VAMPIRE' 2002 (featuring a 'blink and you miss it' cameo by Derren Brown), 'SCAYRECROW' 2008 (winner of the Media Innovation Award 2009), 'THE SCREAMING SKULL' 2008 (nominated Best UK Short film at Raindance 2009) and 'THE HAIRY HANDS' 2010 (A SWS / UK Film Council Digital Shorts project featuring VO by Doug Bradley).

There are (as of Oct 2012) another short in pre-production - 'BORLEY RECTORY' (a Carrion Film / Glass Eye Pix co-venture) and my first feature - the gothic melodrama 'SPRING HEEL JACK' which I hope to be the summation of everything thus far.

In 2010 I was invited by the Editor in Chief to write for horror periodical 'FANGORIA MAGAZINE' and have since gone on to provide the magazine with numerous interviews, articles and cover art - often with a Brit-Horror theme. In 2012 I was nominated for a prestigious 'Rondo Award' for my interview with Hammer director Peter Sasdy.

2010 also saw my first foray into radio - 'THE DEMON HUNTSMAN' - a half hour script written for Glass Eye Pix's 'Tales From Beyond the Pale' - a series of horror radio dramas which has since garnered rave reviews aswell as notice in such periodicals as The Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly. My second radio script for the studio 'DEAD MAN'S SHOES' was performed live in New York in October 2012.

Apart from film making, scripts and illustration I also regularly tutor animation and film making locally to a variety of age groups and have close ties to Animated Exeter.

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