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I do some research on intelligence, it's called AI but I don't like the "A" in it, that's all what it is not, artificial. I do this as a freelance for video game companies, but first to satisfy my curiosity. I'd like to quit this job and become a full-time writer but I suffer procrastination, thus I am still working on my first book.
I've been living in China for nine years, mostly in the South, close to Vietnam, in Beijing for three years. I go back in Guangxi from time to time though because the mountains and the friends I miss.
I love Beijing, it's an incredible multilayer city, everything is true about it, one thing and immediately its contrary. It's alive, friendly, open and secret, horizontal and vertical, like a village and huge megalopolis. The Music scene is incredibly cosmopolitan and mixed, all type of musics are here.
I am from German/Russian, Berber/Algerian origins, grown up in France. I left to travel, which to me means to live elsewhere, 19 years ago.
I love to live...
Back in Alsace and very unhappy about it - The word "integration" is coming back again and again. Never felt that much a stranger as here


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