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  1. Redban needs to suck my anus dry. Because he is not funny and a rude sac of shit. Fuck olive garden....
  2. You sir..... are an idiot.
  3. Shut your fuckin yap. What the hell are you ranting about? Rants? Rantception? Stop using the word cunt you wannabe douchebag. ..then you go on to complain about the word systematic? Go take a cold shower. Or stick your head in the toilet and flush.…
  4. + from Vancouver also. I hear you loud and clear my man.
  5. Youre right, it would be better without him. As we have witnessed on numerous occasions where Brian is not on the cast. Those tend to be the most informative, intense and memorable conversations.
  6. Fuck man. I JUST finished ranting about that couple posts up. Fucking pissed me off. He is such a douche. Complete waste of space. Fuck olive garden.