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This is my small collection of personal films: my daughter Paula & wife Silvia, and some trips we do (some of them recorded with DV handycam cameras and some others with my new Sony HDR FX7).

- JVC GDV7 & FC Express ('Toscana Way')
- Sony HDR FX7 & FC Express('FunnyYoungWeekend')Private.
- Panasonic & iMovie '08 ('winter new yorkers cuts' 1 and 2) and (Winter New Yorkers. The film).
- Sony HDR FX7 & FCPro7& iMovie 09 ('bea&darío wedding trailer'),('Paula is born' and 'Paula under clothes')
- Go Pro Hero HD (' Paula da un garbeo')

Thumbnail pictures by: 7th Sky (my wife)


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