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TC Kirkham is the owner and webmaster of PNR Networks, a growing group of entertainment related websites and podcasts. Kirkham is the producer and co-host of the popular Subject:CINEMA podcast, now in its seventh year of production, and is the senior writer and film reviewer for Popcorn N Roses, Boston Popcorn, and other PNR Networks sites. Although an entertainment news junkie and film lover all his life, TC really didn’t get deeply involved in the film scene until 2006, after PNR had started; since then, he’s gravitated more towards the eclectic indie films more than the Hollywood type blockbuster. You can find TC online at many social hubs including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter under the “popcornnroses” and PNRBoston" handles.

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  1. I have been exposed to the Screen Gems logo over and over in my childhood, and nothing bad has ever happened. I also don't ever remember hiding from it, though I DID used to hide or close my eyes when our local CBS affiliate ran weather bulletins…