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We create books that are much more than just words and pictures—they're an opportunity for a moment of joy between a child and his or her loved one.

Share a book with a child and share a moment of love.

This is the sentiment that drives us. At Ideals, we strive to publish books for children that inspire and entertain—and sometimes teach a thing or two. We want our books to be those essentials that a child turns to again and again as he or she climbs into a loved one’s lap, huddles on the floor with a friend or sibling, or takes a solo flight of fancy.

Ideals Books publishes 25 to 30 new children’s titles a year, primarily for two- to eight-year-olds, adding to our catalog of more than 400 titles. We publish picture books, activity books, board books, and novelty and sound books covering a wide array of topics, such as Bible stories, holidays, early learning, family relationships, and values. Our bestselling titles include The Story of Christmas, The Story of Easter, How Do I Love You?, My Daddy and I, and God Made You Special. Through our dedication to publishing high-quality and engaging books, we never forget our obligation to our littlest readers to help create those special moments with books.

Ideals Books is part of the Worthy Publishing Group.

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