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“This is Entertainment”

Garden State Radio is the Ultimate Experience in Sight & Sound, an Audio Visual Event like no other, transforming your venues atmosphere into something Out of this World.

Take American Idol Contestant Kelly Caruso, one of the country’s top female vocalists. Add Bobby August, one of the area’s best male singers & bassists. Throw in guitarist, Nick Navarro, a man who can play like Eddie Van Halen and Rap like Jay Z. Top it all off with Ryan Kelly, a skilled drummer with the flair and showmanship to light up any room. What you have is a band joined together by forces unknown. Their chemistry together is like no other. Combined, they play over 200 shows a year in any given state You will see a show that’s out of this world, Electrified with a state of the art concert experience.

Their show is groundbreaking……Doing things you have never seen before on the band circuit, from their mascot “DJ Major Unit”, to 3D visuals, to live fan cams. It’s an interactive light show filled with a sea of lasers and a 14’ x 7’ Hi-Definition LED screen. Loaded with hundreds of LED tubes and lights, Ryan’s kit looks more like a spaceship than a drum set. With national touring and television (Fox and MTV credentials) and regional radio and press experience, Garden State Radio is THE band for your nightclub, rave, wedding, tourist destination, corporate or private event.

And GSR works just as hard offstage, designing custom event posters for each and every venue they perform, as well as being a full time team of social networkers.

GSR specializes in top 40 and club dance hits, as well as classic dance & Hip Hop and classic pop & rock anthems you’ve loved your whole life. The band will customize its set just for YOUR venue.

Get Ready for sensory overload. Get Ready for Garden State Radio.

Garden State Radio is :::

Kelly Caruso – lead vocals & percussion
Bobby August – lead vocals & bass, synths
Nick Navarro – lead vocals & guitar
Ryan Kelly – drums & electronic mayhem