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AR was created as an extension of Aloha Rag, a brand that has proven Tatsugo Yoda’s discerning eye for fashion through his success as its owner and buyer for the past 25 years. In 2010, the New York Atelier was established to house a place to create the AR collection. Being continually inspired by travels to fashion cities throughout the world including New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo, AR integrates its own style and artistry. The classic-yet-edgy collection is a take on nostalgic American basics, as well as timeless reinterpretations of military wear. Since its first season, the collections founded on this concept have been loved by internationally known high-end retail stores as well as customers from Aloha Rag in both Hawaii and New York locations. The undeniable high quality and function of these pieces has been appreciated and acknowledged, leading to the launch of our SRPLS line, a collection of basics and everyday wear inspired by successful pieces of the main collection. Please visit us at

AR’s concept that clothing should enhance the wearer’s personality and allure is manifested through an obsession with quality materials, fit, and silhouette. AR basics are void of elaborate embellishments, whereas ultimate comfort is the most prominent feature. A definitively modern collection, AR is easily incorporated into any style. Pieces depict the label’s ideal quality of materials, silhouette and a meticulous attention to detail, from the choice of fabric, zippers, and buttons...even down to the thread.

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