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Since starting his Dj career in Adelaide South Australia as a hobby back in the early 80's he has seen many developments in the Dj movement, from the revolutionary introduction of the TECHNICS SL1200's , extended mix 12 inch records , the introduction of the digital CD's , the introduction of the internet , Fibre cell phone technology & the introduction of software based delivery systems in the Digital Television industry with On Air Media Automation and recently Digital Dj Software Technology replacing cds. records and turntables completely and bringing a new era into play and that being contollerism.` Now in living California and after a break rom his music career he is now back into it head first combining his knowledge from his 30+ years as a Dj and his experience in Television using on air media automation across multi streamed networks. On personal level it has opened the door to merge the two mediums into one to experiment with audio and video graphics and expand on new ideas for Dj performance ideas and development with the hope of breaking new undiscovered grounds.

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