Nomad Dance Academy

Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Belgrad

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Nowmadia is an international group of young movers, makers, body shakers, midnight talkers, dealing with research/exchange/creation in the field of performing arts. It is the natural continuation of 4 months of intense creative and collective life in Nomad Dance Academy 2009. The Horizon is collaboration growing from the Balkan area onto the regional and international scale, and the production of performances, workshops, lectures, dinners and events of all kind.

Nowmaders are : Katina Diskov (Srb), Alexander Georgiev (Mak), Marko Kalc (Hrv), Igor Koruga (Srb), Céline Larrère (Fr), Lejla Muhic (Bih), Martina Nevistic (Hrv), Ruta Nordmane (Lv), Zhana Pencheva (Bg), Bor Pungercic (Slo), Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg (USA), Ana Schnabl (Slo), Nikolina Todorova (Bg).

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