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Born just outside of Atlanta, GA I was raised in Georgia and Tennessee. November 21st of 2002 I enlisted into the United States Army. I was soon on my way to basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After basic training I was stationed at Fort Meade in Maryland for AIT (advanced individual training) where I learned how to use still cameras and video cameras as well as edit my photos and footage. My first duty station after AIT was Hohenfels, Germany where I spent the next three years documenting units training to go down-range. The next stop for my military career is still my favorite. I was stationed in Seoul, South Korea and worked for AFN or American Forces Network Korea in the television studio section; where I ran the studio for about half of my time there. Unfortunately I was forced to leave for my next duty station after my year in South Korea came to an end. Of all the places to go to I was sent back to Fort Meade, Maryland to serve in the 55th Combat Camera Unit. The only active duty combat camera unit in the U.S Army. As part of my agrrement to my reenlistment into the Army I was able to attend Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York to study Broadcast Journalism, Documentary fiming, Audio in Film and a semester of Web Design. After my graduation from Syracuse I will be returning to Fort Meade where I plan to go to Airborne training to as it's usually comically described as "the chance to learn to jump from a perfectly good airplane", but I think it sounds like fun.


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