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Vashon Island, WA

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I'm a transformational life coach and international workshop leader. I empower people to live joyful, fulfilling lives and collectively create the beautiful, harmonious world we know in our hearts is possible.

I love inspirational , conscious media. We are the stories we tell, I'm here to co-create beautiful ones that uplift humanity. How about you?

I know we are all here to discover and share our superpowers to collaborate and joyfully co-create the New Earth.

If you resonate with this and you're ready to fully activate and amplify your superpowers and want to join the New Earth Creation Team you're in the right place. Congratulations on finding your way here. Reach out to me at and we'll explore how we can team up to make our collective dreams a reality!

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  1. Victory commented on Fractal Yab Yum
    Beautiful Fernmoss! Who is the artist and track, please?
  2. Victory commented on The Flow of Love
    So beautiful, Sister. Thank you for sharing this sacred release with us all.