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Komal malik born on 26 may in lahore even as a child.she was fond of singing and always participated in her school's compatition and won pize.After joining the college her love for singing continute with the same passion and zeal.While in the college she won many more appreciation for her singing telents and it was there
when she made up her mind to become a professional singer.The decision to become a professional singer was a big one,especially in the backdrop of being absolutely a non-entity in the world of showbiz & Music.No one ion Komal’s family had ever ventured into this field and therefore, she did not have any ‘strong backup support’ even from her own family.It was really a Herculean task for the young artist-in-making to convince her parents in the favour of her passion.It was almost impossible for her to become a ‘Professional Singer’ due to her family’s mind-set.
The divine support came in the form of her elder sister Kiran Khalid, the real wind beneath her wings, since Kiran remained loyal to her younger Sister and provided her every kind of moral support for her love for Singing.Komal Malik took Kiran in confidence about her ambition to become a singer and join the showbiz world. In return, Kiran perused her parents hard to let Komal become a singer and finally succeeded in obtaining their permission.It was then that a star was born and it was Kiran who named this star ‘Komal’. Thus the real star maker remain Kiran Khalid who urged, argued, persuaded and finally convinced the parents to allow Komal Malik to become a Singer which she is today beyond any doubt.Komal says that her happiness knew no bounds when her parents gave their consent for her professional singing.She disclosed that would not do anything without the prior permission of her parents.She believes that whatever she has achieved today is just because of the prayers of her parents and the support of her family.She added that it would be a great injustice and a mark of disrespect if she did not mention the name of her great mentor , her teacher Ustad Karamat Hussain ,who is her teacher and it is due to his dedicated hard work and efforts that Komal has learnt a thing or two about classical music.Komal’s first video “ Rabba Way ” was released in the year 2010 and received a great response.
The video was aired on all Pakistani music channels. She added that this video was still being played on the Asian Channel in New York , USA.Komal Malik’s second video , “Jagay Tere Sapney” was also played on all Pakistani music channels besides the International Channels.The second video gathered even a greater response than “ Rabba Way ”.Komal Malik revealed that the TV Channels were playing her second video along with her first one.Komal was quite proud of her achievements by the grace of Almighty God that “jagey Tere Sapne”, was among the top ten of the Pakistani songs music chart and this song was also remixed in UK & was aired on International FM , including BBC Radio & Awaz FM , UK.Komal disclosed that she has a great liking for stage & participated with her band for live singing on many occasions.She stated that her live concerts & other videos could be viewed on ‘You tube’ and for latest updates on ‘Face book’ or can be followed on ‘Twitter’.