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Welcome to Microfilms, a camera-centric creative company. Our greatest strength is in script to screen, yet we are happy to accommodate clients needing only electronic cinematography or editing.

I'm a storyteller. I strive always to find the beating heart of the story, tap into its natural rhythm.
This is how you touch audiences, and get the point across quietly, elegantly. Every story has natural style and flow.
I'm always looking for it. Please comment and tell me if I'm finding it for you.

I, Jose "Jerry" Santos, am the DP and EP, meaning I conceive, manage and execute our productions.

I am a two-time Emmy winner, and a participant in ER Murrow and Columbia University awards received by CNN.
Spanish is my native tongue, and has proven very useful in my work.

It's been my privilege to travel the world shooting, editing, and producing news and documentaries.
I've deployed extensively to places like Ghana, Gabon, Jordan, Mexico, all over the US.

Some projects I edit myself, other things are done by or in collaboration with my friend and associate Jim Miller of WJMProductions. He is an outstanding Craft Editor. Our professional network is deep and wide, meaning we can very quickly put together an outstanding team by drawing on our friends in all aspects of the business. Jim has about 500 TV spots under his belt as an editor/producer, plus extensive corporate and documentary experience. All the political stuff you see on this page is his.

I'm a shooter/editor with 25 years in TV news. I estimate I've done at least some 25,000 individual shoots, edited thousands of journalistic narratives.

This means I have massive experience in Broadcast News Photojournalism, Editing, Documentary Production,
Field Producing, Lighting, and Field Audio. Not to mention knowing how to navigate everything from Section 8 housing to the Oval Office, while productively engaging the residents.

Jim has been putting together visual narratives for 25+ years as a master editor on Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, with 2D and 3D graphics capabilities. We all know how an editor can often make or break a production, yet they usually don't get involved until the production shooting is completed. Jim changes that process by becoming involved in scripting and shooting whenever possible. This makes a difference in post.

I've shot with RED, C100, C300, C500, 1D C, Black Magic, Alexa, and am getting good results with my Canon 5D, 5DII, 5DIII. Canon really has an amazing lineup these days with the pragmatic and appealing Canon C100, spectacular C300, and the stunning, and stunningly pricey EOS 1D C. Am playing with those files on a variety of NLE's (FCPX, Composer, Premiere) as well as DaVinci Resolve. Canon's Cine lenses just ooze quality. Shocker: My 17" MBP is not happy with 4K.

We have recently acquired a Canon C500 and are delving deeper into the requirements and quirks of a 4K workflow.

What you see here is the sort of thing that we can do with minimal budgets, no advance notice, no preproduction, and short turnaround.

We are excited to stretch beyond the usual boundaries, to produce, shoot, edit stylishly, compellingly.

What can we do with you?


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