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The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press (AWP) is a not-for-profit information agency dedicated to bringing forth and analyzing leaked information coming from different sources. It aims to have a solid network of prominent journalists, researchers, lawyers and media activists working together to provide society with a trustful and friendly source of analysis of information leaked by whistle-blowers around the world. The AWP will also provide a news-wire service, where news written by its members and collaborators can be bought by media subscribers in order to publish in their channels.

The AWP is structured as a network that functions on a global level, with platforms focused on specific local contexts working with different languages. We will provide professional design, analysis and media strategies to create a solid and respectable source of journalistic analysis and academic research focused on whistle-blowing in different societies. Through these nodes, contacts in local media outlets will be made in order to coordinate the submission, analysis and publishing of leaked information.

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