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Perpetual Seesaw is the joint venture of 3 independent nyc artists. Actress & Filmmaker Jennifer Nieves liberated two visionaries along her life mission for art and freedom. Joel Stephen and Ryan Musarra both graduated with film bachelor degrees. Jennifer has a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism with a minor in theater. Dreamer shaper thinker maker – Poof! The three friends are now able to balance their wild rushed lives to each project like a seesaw that never stops swinging.


  1. Kamenwati
  2. Jeremy E Jones
  3. Trinity Grace Church
  4. Mayaeni
  5. Peter
  6. Elaine Perez
  7. Frustrated Journalist
  8. BOGOTA D.C.
  9. Jason Lee Wong
  10. mcatsandoval
  11. tom lew
  12. Devon Sloan
  13. Peter
  14. sammy sam
  15. Union Rescue Mission
  16. Dave Hall
  17. Bunseng Chuor
  18. Austin Dickson

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