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  1. Alaa Hassan

    Alaa Hassan Plus


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    Was born in Syria in 1986, moved to the US in 2013. In 2007 the Sheikh started snapping photos, managed to get into some exhibitions and workshops in Syria and elsewhere. In 2010 the Sheikh started making videos, and still is doing that

  2. Audrey Salzburg
  3. Axel & Julien

    Axel & Julien Paris


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    Axel & Julien Film Direction / Art Direction / Photography http://axeletjulien.tumblr.com/ julienetaxel@gmail.com

  4. Bruna

    Bruna Plus São Paulo, Brasil


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    Bruna is a brazilian Independent photographer and filmmaker who loves travelling the world and discovering new cultures, stories and experiences. She also owns a itinerant video production company called VIDEO COM ALMA ("Video with Soul"), which produces any kind of content for brands, series,…

  5. David  Turnley
  6. Katherine Holden
  7. Penny Pen

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