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Bronx, NY

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STATEMENT: I get asked why I take pictures. Well, a lot of people take pictures. There is nothing special about taking pictures. The more appropriate question to ask me is “Why are you so passionate about taking pictures?” Why am I so passionate about taking pictures; you ask? Good question. First and foremost, I have a passion for photography.

I'm always amazed by the transformation in the world of photography from the daguerreotype, Talbotype, calotype, film down to digital. Once I start a project, I really can't stop until the project comes to life. I look forward to learning new techniques and solving problems that inevitably occur. I mean; you learn something new every day.

Furthermore, I take pictures to leave a mark. Photography is important to me. Photographs leave a legacy of how we see the world. This legacy is our mark. I want to make and leave a mark for myself, and I want to make and leave marks for my clients. Remembering is important. Your mark is important.

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