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  1. I'm actually really hooked on his "Grow Old With Me" video awesome stuff
  2. These guys are incredible! This song inspired me to check out Metal & Dust on Spotify and now I can't stop listening! haha
  3. Ricky Reed is so awesome! I love the Spotify challenge he has going on with "Good 4 It" right now. hoping for those massive speakers!! :)
  4. So obsessed with these guys! Just found their #myNBHD page where people have been uploading pics of their own neighborhoods to instagram and tagging it with #myNBHD... all their fans should jump on this!
  5. But have you seen part two!?
  6. Seriously, Transit of Venus is one of my favorite albums yet! Even the lyric video for "Chalk Outlines" is great... take a listen :)
  7. Transit of Venus is so incredible... I really cant stop playing "Chalk Outlines" from its too good!