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A few people can make a difference. About a year ago, two people threw a house party to talk about abolishing corporate personhood and the living room was filled to capacity. We were outraged and we were passionate, and we decided then and there that we'd bring this issue to the attention of our community. Today, with the help of many other people in Pueblo, we are the only county that has successfully brought this issue up for a vote of the people in Colorado's 2012 ballot.
We're local grassroots, but we're proud to be associated with a national group that's working to get at the root of all the corrupt money in politics: the awarding of "personhood" status to legal constructs. It is this misguided judgement which gave legal constructs standing in the Constitution to receive our rights - rights that are now being used against the very people which the Constitution was written to protect. Watch the video to see just how insidious it has become.
The Supreme Court has been wrong before, so we amended our Constitution to abolish slavery - because a person isn't property. The Court is wrong again - property is not a person. People, one community at a time, are rising up all over the nation against this corruption of our Bill of Rights, and standing up for the human rights issue of our time: Abolishing corporate personhood and reclaiming our rights.
WE, THE PEOPLE, have this sovereign right, and we MOVE TO AMEND our Constitution (and thereby overrule the Supreme Court) to establish that a corporation is not a person, and money is not free speech.
You can make a difference - make your voice heard: VOTE.

After you see what's been happening, if you end up outraged and want to do somethign about it, go to MovetoAmend.org. Then invite some people to your lving room.