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Murray John was born in Krugersdorp, South Africa on the 16th of March 1974 and grew up in Johannesburg.
After completing his schooling he studied advertising, leaving in 1994 with a student “Clio and Loerie” craft awards (his first animation).
He spent the next year and a half working as an Assistant Art Director at Young and Rubican and Hunt Lascaris TBWA, and at night he would roll himself in a fine Persian rug and lie at the bottom of the garden with a silver fork in his mouth hissing at the neighbors.
Since leaving in 1996 to go “traveling” in Europe, Johannesburg has become a much safer place.
1998 he applied for work experience at Bermuda shorts and ended up being a runner for the next 8 months, making coffee during the day and helping out the directors at night and did as much of his own work as possible.
Since then he’s been a Directing, Animating, Designing and Illustrating and picking up the odd Free-lance job here and there.

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