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The Objective of Green Umbrella was created as a tool, accrediting companies who are looking to improve their savings and improve their impact on the environment while attracting new customers based on green buying trends. Trust Mark's and Trust Seals act as third party business verification symbols and are proven to increase conversions. Similar to the BBB, Verisign and Symantec, GU Business stands behind it's members who bare the Eco-Seal and crest because of the standards that they must uphold to continue displaying it. When a customer recognizes the mark or seal case studies indicate the probability of a customer purchasing based on feel good and trust increases up to 30%.

It’s the small things being done on the community level from a larger group of companies that are capable of reducing carbon footprints, creating awareness, impacting the environment, collaborating with other green businesses and supporting the community at large. GU Business serves as an avenue to directly link local green business owners that are already experiencing the benefits of membership. We realize this potential and will grow The Green Umbrella into a nation wide movement that saves money, offers affordable alternative energy resources, and will collectively change the world we live in for a greener tomorrow. Green Umbrella LLC is a community-oriented company focused on building small businesses and promoting the transition to more responsible, efficient eco-sustainable practices. We started this organization to benefit the smaller companies that make up our economy. By showcasing The Green Umbrella Seal business owners have the ability to decrease operating costs, increase sales and have a great impact on the environment that we can promote to customers and community members.

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