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Kevin spent the last thirty years working in national commercials, television and film in front of the camera. He
taught acting in Winter Park for fifteen years and started teaching Directing for film at Full Sail University ten years ago. He began writing and directing films ten years ago and he has directed ten projects, “Clark”, “Captain Fin”, The Bout”, “Hunting Season”, “The Letter Carrier”, “Lean” and two music videos, “Everything" and "Forgive You Much." His films have been in festivals around the country including The Florida Film Festival, The Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, The Sunscreen Film Festival, The Sonoma International Film Festival, The Orlando Film festival, The Fort Lauderdale Film festival and The West Palm Beach Film festival. Kevin has written a feature length script titled “Thundersmack” which is in preproduction. Kevin won a Lead Actor Telly Award in 2014 for a video that was shot at Full Sail University.

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