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Empowered Schools' founders, Howard McMackin, PhD. and Charles Johns, PhD., have deep experience and expertise in school operations, classroom dynamics, and process management.

Howard McMackin knows the problems that face teachers, administrators, and parents. He taught for two decades in the classroom and served another two decades as an administrator both in schools and central office, and was the father of a LD student. Besides teaching graduate university students, he has traveled all over the world researching school models that cause all the students to achieve. Much of the Empowered Schools research system model is derived from his international research and years of testing of those ideas in American schools.

Charles Johns is an experienced school and district leader with a keen focus on the systemic features of the Empowered Schools model. Charles' compelling speaking style and ability to "tell the story" has made him a sought after speaker and trainer. He has spoken before groups all across the nation, ranging from keynote addresses to workshops with teachers and school leaders. With his wisdom and experience he specializes in diagnosing schools to reach peak performance.

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  • Empowered Schools - We empower teachers and leaders with processes that measure exactly how students are mastering your school standards in the classroom. Then we establish a data-driven, decision-making system for continuous program improvement.