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My name is Matt Strickland, aka Dj Matt Money, got the name in high school. I've been djing since I was in 7th grade and now I'm the big 40. So you could say I'm a veteran at this. I've done everything from clubs to weddings. I'm partner in a dj company based out of South Jersey called Dance Party Dj's. I've been with them for most of my career. I've been a Denon Dj National Product Demonstrator for the past 3 years, have been there lighting designer for the past 8 years for their trade show booths at dj expo & Namm. Within the past year I've gotten into mixing & remixing music videos. I've got like 20+ done. I'm also published on a remix site called My boy Dj Larry D owns & runs it. I love mixing & remixing videos, it's a whole other element then just playing the music. Well, hope you like the video's I've put up so far, they aren't perfect, but for less then a year of remixing them, I'd say they are pretty good. Look me up on Facebook, under Matt Strickland


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