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This collection is sourced from the LIsa Gillette TWEED TheaterWorks Archive

TWEED unearths raw, yet sophisticated socially and sexually subversive talent and ushers it to the threshiold of acceptability (& often beyond) to cast an irreverent mirror on contemporary culture.

Ever wonder how that sold-out show winds up on your dining room table? Chances are it was incubated by TWEED. Wonder where Tony award nominees have bared their asses onstage? Again: TWEED. A long time, secret source of talent, TWEED has catered to the very specific needs and insecurities of performers like Lypsinka, Jeff Whitty (AVENUE Q), Jackie Hoffman, Varla Jean Merman, John Kelly and Raven O back when other theaters weren't even returning their calls.

Seen a funny, envelope-pushing performer that you like? TWEED was probably there first: nurturing them, shaping their material and absorbing their abuse.

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