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Los Angeles, CA

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Erik "The Animal" Deutscher is a working professional who is constantly submersing himself in the art of film, photography, music and media in Hollywood, CA. While taking advantage of each field, he dedicates himself as a filmmaker, photographer, digital artist, videographer and musician.

Deutscher trains his eye and tests his methods through experimentation and manipulation while utilizing his skills and talents on a regular basis.


Watch parts 1 and 2 of "PATIENT ZER0" on my YouTube page now!

Check out more of my still and motion picture efforts at:

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  • - Erik Deutscher Official Website
  • YouTube - A collection of film efforts by Erik Deutscher
  • Flickr - A collection of photographic efforts by Erik Deutscher


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  1. Great short and great content! Well done! I saw toys from NECA, Hasbro and others. Did these sculptors work on/for all of those companies or perhaps they're freelance? Or is this a sort of montage of interviews?