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Augusto Canani started making films at age 18. However, it took years of preparation until he was able to quit his day job as a designer and creative director in the advertising industry to devote himself exclusively to his dream of filmmaking.

Combined, Canani's three shorts have won more than 40 awards in over 60 festivals around the world. He debuted as a film director with his 16mm short film entitled Intestino Grosso (Colon). The short won numerous prizes in Brazil’s principal film festivals including the Gramado Film Festival, CinePE and the Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro.

In 2010, his second short film, The Bizarre Friends of Ricardinho, made its premiere at the New Directors New Films festival at MoMA in New York and went on to receive 28 awards in more than 30 festivals in Brazil, the United States, and Europe.

In September 2012, Canani finalized his latest work, Amores Passageiros (Love Drain). The short was specifically challenging artistically and technically, as it was filmed on location in the sewer system of the industrial city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Making its premiere at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Love Drain won the Best Foreign Film award.

Currently, Canani is working on his first feature film, a psychological thriller that explores the secrets and asymmetries between indigenous cultures and urbanization.

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