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Justin Hanrahan is an ACS award winning cinematographer who has been in the TV/Film industry since 1994 operating and performing the duties of Director of Photography all over the world. Justin began his shooting career working in Hong Kong covering major international news and long format documentaries for almost every major network and quickly moved into high end documentaries for clients such as BBC’s Natural History Unit and National Geographic. His experience under water and above ground in every genre of the business has kept him active and commended at many ACS award presentations.

More recently Justin has moved into TV drama and feature film work. One of the films he worked on as additional camera was with DOP Jules O’Loughlin on the feature film ‘Wish You Were Here’ starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer.

Justin also worked with James Cameron on his latest Nat Geo adventure ‘Deep Sea Challenge’ and he has just finished his last block on the very popular ‘Home and Away’ TV drama as DOP.

Justin has obtained 12 ACS awards for his work in nearly every category. In May 2011, he was awarded two Golden Tripods at the National awards for two pieces of his work.

Justin has recently moved to the United States to seek further work opportunities with his actress wife Alexandra Davies.