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Angelo Orlando was born in Salerno, Italy.

Scriptwriter, director and actor.

He had his real breakthrough in 1990 when Fellini gave him the role of Nestore in his last movie La voce della Luna, and the following year, in Massimo Troisi’s film I Thought It Was Love, for which he won the David di Donatello award as best supporting actor.

In 1994 made his first film as director, L'anno prossimo vado a letto alle dieci, a movie inspired to Andrea Pazienza’s comic strips. In 1998 he wrote his second feature film, Barbara, rewritten for the theatre a few years later. In the same year he wrote Tobia al Caffè, a film by Gianfranco Mingozzi. In 1999 he wrote the screenplay Outlaw, a film by Enzo Monteleone, nominated by the Italian National Sindacate of film Journalists amongst the best Italian scripts in 2000. His debut in literature in 2001, was with Quasi quattordici (Nearly fourteen), almost an autobiographic story, a diary of a child in a southern country of Italy.

In November 2005 he won the Solinas Prize with Casamatta Vendesi, best comedy screenplay. Sfiorarsi is his third film and was written together with the actress and scriptwriter Valentina Carnelutti. “Sfiorarsi” is awarded in several national and international festivals, a distribution Atalante Film in collaboration with the Film School Sentieri Selvaggi.

In 2007 he wrote the screenplay for "Sandrine in the rain".

In 2008 with the Association La Teca, turn the Short Movie, "The Day After", in 2009 the short film "Giro Giro Tondo" and in 2012 “One Hundred Second”, selected in the “Short Film Corner” at Cannes Festival.

In 2010 is among the finalists of the screenplay Solinas "Cinq, sei, sett, ott..." written with Valentina Russo.

Since 2005, with the Association of Humanity and Culture La Teca, holds seminars on the craft of the actor, creative writing workshops, script, direction and cinematic language, in Rome, Trento, Genova, Legnano, Lugano, Sassari.

He lives in Barcelona, España.

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