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I Senior ElderApostleTarrance Darmon Austin Sr.(Terry Austin) is a Actor,Producer,Director,Singer,Attorney,Investor,Pastor,Born in Hollywood,California.Raised in Groose Pointe(Indian Villiage) Mighigan. Member of Rhema Bible Church/Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center 2011.Rhema Ministerial Alumni,Richard Roberts School of the Spirit studied Biblical End Time prophecy.Attending Fuller Theological Seminary studying Doctorate of Ministry,Former member of Salvation Temple Church,Member of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church,Member of Crenshaw Christian Center Robert Tilton Ministries,Hollywood Connect/Hollwood Prayer Network/Arts & Entertainment Ministries,West Angeles Church of God In Christ,The Up Church.Now the Pastor of Terry Austin Ministries International/Beverly Hills Christian Center 1060 Woodland Dr.Beverly Hills,Ca 90210. in Beverly Hills,California, in which consists of Entertainment,Ministry,Production,Investments,Law, Real Estate,Special Agent.I moved to West Palm Beach,Florida from Groose Pointe,Michigan in 1998.Stayed 2 yrs.Moved to Los Angeles,California in December of 2000,Moved to Hollywood in 2003.Moved to Beverly Hills in 2007.I've been a resident of Los Angeles,California for 12 Yrs.I've been divorced from Tina Marie Simpson for 17 Yrs.She have two adult children. And I have four adult children.I'm currently involved with LaToya Jackson.

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