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Benjamin Pothier is a french Director and Artist-researcher.

PhD research in Arts/Anthropology/Architecture at the Planetary Collegium, CAIIA hub of Plymouth University (UK)

Currently an advisor for BENDING HORIZONS EVEREST 2015 Art/Science Expedition

> Achievements:

- Grant recipient of the French Norwegian center in Humanities and Social Sciences (2014) for his research in Anthropology, Art History and Architecture

- Second Prize Winner , CREATIVE SPARKS / D.I.Y DAYS PARIS 2014

- First French Artist selected for the ARS BIO ARCTICA 2014 residency at Kilpisjärvi’s Biological Station in Lapland, organized by the Finnish Bio Art Society,

- First French Artist invited by THE FARM,INC. a New York based cultural organisation, to participate to the ARCTIC CIRCLE RESIDENCY 2013, in the international territory of Svalbard.

He has presented his work and research internationally:

> Has an Artist, Director and Photographer:

His artistic work has been featured in various international festivals and events, including NEMO international Film festival (2005), Paris , The LIFT#8 Conference in Geneva (2008), D.A.T.A 44.0 at the Science Gallery in Dublin (2011) , the Space Up Event at the European Space Agency headquarters in Paris (2013) , 8KNOTS solo show at the Norway House in Paris (2014) and [SVALBARD] at Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg (South Africa)

> Has a Researcher and Expert in the use of new technologies:

He has presented his research at the Mutamorphosis conference 2012 in Prague, Di-Egy festival in Cairo 2013, and was invited as an international expert for the COST [European Cooperation in Science and Technology ] - C.A.T (COST Art and Technologies) Workshop in Zagreb in 2013.

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