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RUSHdnm a brand, which was created out of passion for skateboarding, art, graphics and music that pulls the popular styles and follows his own path. Attention to detail is
the hallmark images RUSH, where you can discern a second floor. A large emphasis is on quality and providing the customer a complete product set in an original way.
Rush is not just clothes but a platform for bringing together creative people fit on the same wavelength.

Brand motto and watchword is
Interpretations leave you.

So he writes about the brand founder
Rav Lejman:
"Well went trick put on a par with painting or graphics. The beauty of skateboards met in 1992 at Fine Arts High School. I was accompanied by a period of study at the Academy of Fine Arts and is with me today. The art is always intertwined in my life, along with skateboarding, which is platform for many areas of artistic expression. Skateboarding was the starting point for my creative explorations and is still inspiring for me. With time, only the proportions change to graphics. I see more skateboarding in terms of self-expression than as a purely sporting approach. to prefer style over difficulty „stunt." RUSH is for me a kind of bridge between people of a similar approach to life "


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