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  1. Jamie Cig commented on E-Cigarette
    Good work, I wonder how much you charge for such a video production? Our website is http://smoking-ecigarette.co.uk please feel free to email us for further information, we'd like to keep it as simple as possible... ? Kind regards
  2. Jamie Cig commented on Fumer Sans Feu
    Great video, I look forward to our new French website launch - in the meantime if you care to look at our UK one please find us at http://smoking-ecigarette.co.uk
  3. I may give this a try ... it looks like a good choice I am stuck between the Premium Ecigarette or Ego which I found on http://elektrozigarette.com.de
  4. DO you know if they ship to Poland? I might try out http://epapierossklep.pl
  5. I haven't tried the V2 Cigs yet however I think I will give them a shot, do they ship to Germany? If not my only hope I think is http://ezigarettes.net I'm not sure yet.. do you have any suggestions?