Olga and Tatiana Poliektova

Russia- St-Petersburg

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Olga Poliektova and Tatiana Poliektova, twin sisters were born in St-Petersburg, Russia.
After graduating at the University of Cinema and Television in animation and computer graphic, they started to work together as film director duo and animators.
During these years they made several short animation films (“Tomato story”, “Inspiration”, “Noise”, “I see you”, “Quagga”, “Warm Liguria”) which took part over then in 100 worldwide festivals and earned over 20 awards.

In 2013 they made animation film “Quagga” in production with Tve (television for the environmental) and Bloomberg, London. It was awarded as the Best Environmental film in Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (Malaysia), Ecotopfilm 2013 (Slovak Republic) and many others.

In 2014 they were invited as a jury on Lucania International Film Festival (Pisticci, Italy).

Nowadays they have finished their new film “My Grandfather was a cherry tree”, with the support of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Film made after the book of Italian writer Angela Nanetti.

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