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    NEWWORDS Plus Grand Rapids, MI


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    26 short films, one for each letter of the English alphabet, made by Joseph Kolean and Chad Vickery

  2. Three Legged Legs

    Three Legged Legs Santa Monica


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    In the year of 2000 and 5, three creative warriors, Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt and Reza Rasoli, joined forces to create a new breed of directorial studio. From then on they have fought to organize efforts for the global betterment of writing, direction, animation, design and any other interesting form of…

  3. Carlos Lascano

    Carlos Lascano Plus Madrid - Spain


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    Join Carlos on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lascanofilms Director, illustrator, writer, and animator. In the past few years he has developed a universe of his own, where all his different forms of expression merge together in creating a whole, personal world. His restless renaissance spirit…

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