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O2 Litmus is an community project dedicated to finding and nurturing the very best new mobile, wireless and internet-enabled applications and services. It’s a place where anyone with a great idea for a new mobile application can find the tools they need to write anything from network-aware applications to widgets for Vista and Mac; but it’s also a place where users can engage with the developers, help them test the newest mobile applications and help to create the ideas that will define the mobile experience of the future. It’s this engagement between the developer and user communities that make Litmus a focal point for real innovation.

Litmus isn’t just a showcase. The best ideas will get the best approval ratings from the user community, but they’ll also get a real chance to make money in the real world – and perhaps even the opportunity to be included in future O2-branded network and handset services. By taking part in Litmus, you’re not just part of a lab experiment. Whether you’re a developer or a user, you’ll be helping to set the real agenda for the future of mobile.

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