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I was born in Sarantaporo (Larissa - Greece). I studied Environmental Engineering, at Democritus University of Thrace (Xanthi – Greece). Since 2003 I have been working as a freelancer Environmental Engineer. My love for the environment and my passion for art led me in search of their common ground.

The first turning point in my career (apart from all my previous artistic activities – painting, constructions of wood, constructions of wire, writing) was Trash Art, which combines my environmental sensitivity with artistic creation… Moreover, while constructing the pieces of Trash art I had to fall back on my knowledge of the materials, their behavior and application of engineering and static concepts, something which made it a lot more interesting for me.

The second turning point is a combination of Trash and Shadow Art. As I explored shadow art I became fascinated of the mysticism evoked by any shade and the uniqueness of the shape it takes by every change of lighting shed on the object… and I decided to try...

I’ m looking forward to the next turning point and I’ m sure I will enjoy myself as much as I did so far.

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